Write to Plan Commission

Judging from social media comments, many members of the ag community feel that our organization is anti-farm. Nothing could be further from the truth. Many of us have lived alongside family farms for decades, and farmers in northern Whitley County have generally been very responsive to concerns about water quality and public health in and around the lakes. They are our neighbors and friends and, in some cases, family members.

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Letters and Meetings

The Hinen CFO has been approved by IDEM, Whitley County has issued a building permit and Whitley Water Matters is weighing its legal options. In the meantime, permission for another CFO, located less than a half mile from Goose Lake is being sought. This poultry CFO would require a rezoning from Agriculture (AG) to Agriculture Production (AGP) and would be the first AGP-zoned area in Whitley County. We are not opposed to AGP zoning in Whitley County, but we strongly believe that AGP zones must be located well away from residential areas and, most importantly, the lakes and waterways of northern Whitley County.

WWM: What we are and what we are not

This past September 19 a local agricultural businessman told the Indiana State Legislature’s Interim Study Committee on Agriculture & Natural Resources, “Today, our county’s (Whitley) agriculture producers are challenged with a group (Whitley Water Matters) trying to change the structure of county governance on agricultural land that has been in production for decades.”