Screening and panel discussion

JUNE 28, 2019 7:00 PM

Rhinehart Recital Hall | Purdue University Fort Wayne

2101 East Coliseum Blvd. Fort Wayne, IN 46805


Join us for a premier Indiana showing of RIGHT TO HARM on June 28, 2019. This event will be held in the Rhinehart Recital Hall at Purdue University Fort Wayne. Time of showing is 7 p.m. and doors will open at 6:15. Free admission-no ticket required. The film is 81 minutes and then there will be a 30 minute panel discussion with question and answer period to follow the showing of this film. This film is a must see for all rural residents.


May 31, 2019 Newsletter

Whitley Water Matters

May 31, 2019


Garage Sale Reminder –June 7th & 8th at 2033 E. Linker Road, Big Cedar Lake

Did you know that on average, 95,000 garage sales are listed on Craig’s List each week?  690,000 is the average number of people who purchase something at a garage sale each week. While the Tri-Lakes Property Owners Association Annual Garage Sale does not compare to the “World’s Largest Yard Sale” running along U.S. Route 127 from Michigan to Alabama it is nevertheless a chance for us to get rid of some clutter and to further the mission of Whitey Water Matters.

We need your assistance to make this a successful fundraiser.   Specifically we need:

May 14 2019 Newsletter

Whitley Water Matters Blast

May 14, 2019

Garage Sale Update—June 7th & 8th 

As announced in our last newsletter WWM will be organizing a garage sale in conjunction with the Tri-Lakes Property Association garage sale on:

·       Friday, June 7th 8 am to 4 pm.

·        Saturday, June 8th 8 am to 1 pm. 

·       Janel Roger’s pole barn at 2033 E. Linker Road, Big Cedar Lake 

We need your assistance to make this a successful fundraiser.  We need:

May 5 2019 Newsletter

Whitley Water Matters Blast

May 5, 2019

April 16 General Membership Meeting

The venue for our general membership last month was changed just hours before we met due to circumstances out of our control.  We were able to secure the Lion’s Club on short notice however due to computer issues we were not able to send out notification of this change on a timely basis. Fortunately one of members turned to our WWM Facebook page to alert other members of this last minute change.  Going forward we will post meeting notices on both our Facebook  page in addition to our newsletter. WWM members can still sign up on our Facebook page if you are not on it currently.   We regret the inconvenience and thank you for your understanding.

Please note our next General Membership meeting will be Tuesday June 11th starting at 7 PM.    Venue to be announced and more information forthcoming.

April 2019 Newsletter

Whitley Water Matters Blast

April 1, 2019

 2019 Indiana Legislative Update 

More and more Hoosiers are speaking up with their county and state lawmakers about how current IDEM regulations are failing to protect our air, land, waterways, and people from factory farms. It is our hope that the Indiana General Assembly will be compelled to act more responsibly for the well-being of the communities they represent. On that front, we have been given assurance the Hoosier Environmental Council will re-introduce a CAFO-reform bill again next year. 

Please consult the Hoosier Environmental Council website at www.hecweb.org and Indiana CAFO Watch website at www.indianacafowatch.com for the status of various House and Senate Bills still under consideration.

2019 Legislative Survey Results 

March 2019 Newsletter

Whitley Water Matters Blast

March 6, 2019 

2019 Indiana Legislative Update

The Indiana General Assembly just started the second half of the session.  As we reported the House Environmental Affairs Committee did not support the bipartisan HB 1378 that would have given IDEM the authority its lacks to place limits on noxious CFO air emissions and prevent factory farms from locating too close to existing homes, drinking water resources, nature areas, schools, and children’s camps. 

We have learned that the Hoosier Environmental Council plans to reintroduce a CFO-reform bill again next year.  Until then, here’s what you can do:

·       Keep talking about the need for reform on Indiana’s factory farms laws so that they are truly protective of the health and safety of Hoosiers.   We find it amazingly disappointing the level of misunderstanding over IDEM’s role and limited responsibilities and oversight.

·       Talk and write to lawmakers.

·       Write letters to the editor of our local newspapers.

February 2019 2 Newsletter

Whitley Water Matters Blast

February 15, 2019 

2019 Indiana Legislative Update

The House Environmental Affairs Committee, chaired by Representative David Wolkins from Kosciusko County, heard the goals and merits of HB 1378 this week and unfortunately voted down this bill to tighten current lax regulations of CFO operations.  The essence of this bill was to empower IDEM with greater authority over CFO regulations beyond surface water concerns and county Home Rule zoning solutions to mitigate the growing controversy over factory farm pollution.  An archived video of the hearing is available on the 2019 Indiana General Assembly webpage. 

The testimony lineup team from the Hoosier Environmental Council (HEC) was most impressive including several physicians addressing public and safety concerns, air and water quality experts with PhDs offering improved control/mitigation systems, successful family farmers, along with lawyers representing real property valuation and HEC policy. Additional support was provided by the League of Women Voter and the Citizens Action Coalition.   As expected both the Indiana Farm Bureau and Pork Producers Association spoke against expanding IDEM authority.   It is also clear that recent editorials appearing in our local newspapers arguing against HB 1378 likely emanated from these lobbyist groups given the redundancy of their boilerplate talking points. 

February 2019 Newsletter

Whitley Water Matters Blast

February 8, 2019 

2019 Indiana Legislative Update

Your advocacy is needed to prevent Indiana from becoming even more of a dumping ground for factory farms.  Indiana’s factory farms generate 14 times more urine and feces than the entire human population of the state. Livestock waste contains dangerous pathogens such as E.Coli that can make people sick if the pathogens make their way into drinking water, food supplies, or lakes and streams where people fish and swim.  As livestock waste decomposes it releases noxious and dangerous air emissions including ammonia and hydrogen sulfide.

On Wednesday, February 13th HB 1378 will get its first-ever committee hearing before the House Environmental Affairs Committee.  You are encouraged to attend this hearing.  This bill has four bi-partisan lawmaker sponsors from across our state and contains common sense amendments to the law regulating confined feeding operations and empowers IDEM with much needed authority.  Beware of recently published newspaper opinions attempting to spread falsehoods concerning the need for greater IDEM oversight. Currently, our county and state lacks any control of air emissions, lack of public accountability over operating records, inadequate notices, along with locations too close to residences. By no means does this bill limit the ability of Hoosier livestock producers.

We have previously shared with you background talking points to support the cogent provisions outlined in HB 1378 and ask that you contact Representative Christopher Judy and ask him to urge his colleagues on the Environmental Affairs Committee to pass HB 1378 out of committee.  You may contact Representative Judy by email at h83@iga.in.gov  or by calling his statehouse office at 800-382-9841.  

We are also following a few other proposed bills and will keep you updated on their intent and progress.

January 2019 Newsletter

Whitley Water Matters

January 28, 2019

2019 Indiana Legislative Update

We have been keeping you updated on HB 1378 over the past several issues of our newsletter and have some great news to share.  The all important bill has been assigned to the House Committee on Environmental Affairs where it is expected to be discussed on Wednesday, February 13th.

We commit to keep you informed on the content and the progress of this key bill.  To that end you are encouraged to read an editorial written by Kim Ferarro, Senior Staff Attorney, for the Hoosier Environmental Council, that appeared last week on January 24th in the Fort Wayne Journal Gazette at https://hecweb.org/2019/01/24/editorial-farm-implement/.  For more in-depth background  and rationale for this bill please take a minute to review on the Hoosier Environmental Council website under Bill Watch 2019; A.) “Protecting Hoosiers from Unregulated Factory Farm Pollution;” …brief policy analysis of the bill’s provision …“The Critical Need for Legislative Support for HB 1378.”